• Mortadella ;Pistachio ; Pesto
  • Poached egg ; Ham ; Avocado sauce ; Spicy sauce
  • Smoked salmon ; Rucola ; Flavored white sauce
  • Bresaola ; Brie cheese ; White sauce
  • Cheese
  • Cheese & Ham
  • Chocolate ; Apricot ; Plan
  • Pistachio ; Crema pasticcera
  • Tomato ; Mozzarella
  • Zucchini ; Hummus
  • Cooked ham ; Mozzarella ; Rocket ; Cherry tomato
  • Bresaola ; Tomato ; Mozzarella ; Rucola ; Pesto sauce
  • Crema pasticcera ; Strawberries
  • Nutella ; Berries
  • Pistachio ;Blueberries
  • Oat flakes ; Raisins ; Flax powder ; Walnuts ; Honey ; Dry figs ; Blueberries ; Yogurt
  • Oat flakes ; Apple ; Honey ; Almond ; Chia seeds ; Kiwi; Yogurt
  • Granola ; Banana ; Blueberries ; Raspberries ; Yogurt
  • Apple ; Cinnamon ; Lemon
  • Mixed seasonal fruits ; Yogurt
  • Strawberries ; Banana ; Almond milk
  • Spinach ; Banana ; Mint; Almond milk
  • Coffee ; Banana ; Cinnamon ; Almond milk
  • Avocado ; Pineapple ; Banana ; Date syrup ; Coconut milk

Scrambled eggs

  • 4 eggs ; Truffles ; Crispy pancetta ; Cheese ; Cherry tomatoes
  • 4 eggs ; Young mozzarella ; Cherry tomatoes ; Baby spinach ;Crispy prosciutto ; Crispy piadina
  • Vegetables ; Mozzarella


  • Smoked salmon ; Rucola ; Grana padano
  • Gorgonzola ; Crispy pancetta
  • Ham ; Cheese
  • Vegetables
  • 4 egg white ; vegetables ; chicken ; side salad with rucola, cherry, parmesan and pistachio
  • Flavored soft cheese (curd) ; Raspberry ; Ice cream ; Maple syrup
  • Crema pasticcera ; Raspberry ; Ice cream ; Maple syrup
  • Crispy bacon ; Scrambled eggs ; Young cheese ; Rucola
  • Pistachio ; Banana
  • Nutella ; Ice cream or fresh fruits
  • Oysters + free glass of prosecco
  • Piadina mix
  • Piadina vege

Lunch Menu


Lemon; Fresh Oysters

Bresaola; Brie cheese; Crackers; Forest fruit sauce; Cherry tomatoes; Oliven

Mussels; Garlic; White wine; Parsley; Breadcrumbs; Lemon

Homemade Bread

Large salads

Mix of green salads; Tuna; Mix of peppers; Mushrooms; Zucchini; Butter; Garlic; Soy sauce; Oyster sauce; 

Mix of green salad; Brie cheese; Bresaola; Dried figs; Cherry tomatoes; Italian dressing; Almond leaves; Parmesan

Mix of green salad; Grilled mushrooms; Tofu cheese; Pomegranate or red fruit; Italian dressing

Pasta and risotto

Pappardele; Black truffle leaves; Tartufata; Asparagus; Garlic; Sun dried tomatoes; Grana padano; White wine

Pappardelle; Prawns; Butter; Garlic; White wine; Grana padano; Three types of tomatoes; Capers; Black olives

Pappardelle; Garlic; Peperoncino; Smoked salmon

Baby spinach; Pesto; Sweet gorgonzola; Butter; Grana padano; Garlic; Hazelnut

Rice; Broccoli; Roasted hazelnut paste; Toasted hazelnut; Butter; Garlic; Grana padano; Hennessy

Quinoa; Leek; Red pepper; Peanut paste; Zucchini pappardelle; garlic; Dried cranberry; Red fruit


Beef meat; Brie cheese; Asparagus; Tomato chutney; Crispy bacon; Cocktail sauce; BBQ sauce; Mix of green salad


Beef meat; Brie cheese; Gorgonzola; Crispy bacon; Tomato chutney; Tartufata; BBQ sauce; Mix of green salad

White fish fillet; Provencal chutney; Fennel; Rocket salad; Greek dressing of dill, garlic and mileram

Vegetable Polpette; Asparagus; Turmeric mayonnaise; Paprika; Mix of green salad

Extra lunch offer

Wok vegetables; Mediterranean potatoes

Grilled tuna; Ratatouille vegetables

Wok vegetables; Mediterranean potatoes

Daily offer of various desserts - please ask the waiter!

Dinner Menu


Lemon; Fresh oysters

Scallops 3 pcs; White wine; Garlic sauce; Parmesan slices

Thin slices of fish on bed of fresh arugula; Capers; Avocado; Lemon; Honey and olive oil sauce

Cuttlefish salad; Octopus salad; Prawn carpaccio; Fish patee; Capers; Olives; Avocado; Lemon

Burrata; Dried tomatoes; Cherry tomatoes; Capers; Olives; Basil; Olive oil

Thinly sliced Boskarin meat (Istrian beef) on a bed of fresh arugula; Cherry tomatoes; Almond slices; Parmesan slices; Gorgonzola; Cream and dried figs sauce

Cold cuts from Istrian delicacies – ombolo, prosciutto and Istrian sausage; Istrian cheese; Cherry tomatoes; Olives; Nuts; Dried fruits; Onion chutney


Prawns; Rice

Ask about daily soup

Risotto and pasta

Rice; Saffron; Pistachios; Leek; Zucchini; Butter; White wine; Cashew; Garlic; Parmesan slices; Micro herbs

Rice; cuttlefish; cuttlefish ink; Prawns; Mussels; Salsa; Butter; Parsley

Black tagliatelle; Octopus; Cuttlefish; Prawns; Mussels; Salsa; Butter; Parsley

Homemade pljukanci (Istrian pasta); Crayfish; Zucchini; Salsa; Garlic; White wine; Lemon grass


Homemade Ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta; Cream; Prosciutto and goat cheese sauce

Homemade gnocchi; pieces of aged steak; Zucchini; Smoked cheese; butter; light cream; parmesan and almond slices

Cold cuts from Istrian delicacies – ombolo, prosciutto and Istrian sausage; Istrian cheese; Cherry tomatoes; Olives; Nuts; Dried fruits; Onion chutney

Sea treasure

Tuna steak in sesame; Julienne vegetables ( Zucchini, Carrot, Celery), Soy sauce; Sweet potato cream


White fish fillet from the oven with pistachios and almonds on celery; Avocado; Apple and oranges salad; Julienne vegetables; Avocado; Lemon; Honey; Olive oil and Pepperoncini sauce

Wild white fish; Mediterranean potatoes; Julienne vegetables; Avocado; Lemon; Honey; Olive oil and pepperoncini sauce; Bookeria garnish

Grilled squid; Swiss chard with potatoes; Garlic; Olive oil; Carrot Celery and orange cream

Domestic squid; Polenta flavored with herbs; Salsa; Garlic; White wine; Parsley; Lemon grass

Other treasures

Chicken stuffed with spinach and ricotta; Sweet potato from the oven; Cherry tomatoes; Indian nut

Aged beef fillet on a bed of grilled peppers and broccoli; Cream; Gorgonzola and slicede dried figs sauce; Parmesan and almond slices; Cherry tomatoes

Veggie corner

Zucchini spaghetti; Dried tomatoes; salsa; Cherry tomatoes; Avocado; Capers; Olives; Indian nut; Basil

Zucchini spaghetti; bolognese made from soy flakes; Salsa; Onion; Garlic; Carrot; Celery; Basil

Quinoa; roasted vegetables; Mushroom mix; Spinach; Pesto genovese; Indian nut; Capers

Homemade pljukanci ( Istrian pasta); Truffles; Black olives;Dried tomatoes; Garlic; Pepperoncino

Side dishes

Celery; Avocado; Apple; Oranges; Almond and pistachio salad